Thursday, January 16, 2014

Week 2: Blogs, RSS Feeds, Dale's Cone, and Computer Imagination

I began blogging about my daily life 10 years ago. As a stay-at-home mom I had no idea who would read what I had to say. Somehow I got a tiny following. When the service I used shutdown, I moved to another, and then another. I never shared my blog with anybody I knew in real-life. Later I set up a Blogger account to share with family. If you look in my profile you can take a look at it. Additionally, I have used RSS feeds to keep track of many different things. Being a knitter I subscribed to many knitting blogs. While I used Google Reader, I really liked using my iGoogle home page where I had widgets set up for the blogs I liked to follow. When I went back to school to finish my BS, I was grateful for my online hobby since it served me well in my willingness to embrace technology. I resisted using Feedly to replace Reader for no good reason. Now that I have it, I will load some more of the blogs and podcasts I used to follow.
Martin Siegel’s reference to the development of e-learning needing imagination infused is becoming more of a reality. Last semester the class I took allowed us to use interactive software where the user can have lessons and also participate in simulations that offered feedback. I found it very engaging to the point where I wanted to protest one of my answers. Maybe I am just a simple girl.

Where blogging fits in Dale’s Cone is only limited by ones imagination. That being said, I don’t know how I would use it with my second grade students! Of course it would be a great communication tool for the parents but directly for my little people, I am not sure. There are so many other things to use to help them learn. A blog would only serve as a place to link websites. RSS feeds I think of more as a tool to keep up on things that change like periodicals. Again, I think it would be lost on my second grade kids. I guess I need to stretch my imagination. 

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