Thursday, January 23, 2014

Week 3: Wiki Wiki Web

This week's assignment was about Wiki's. Even though I have used Wikipedia I did not really understand what a wiki was. Now a lot of things are making more sense to me. I remember listening to a knitting podcast and the host was talking about developing a knitting wiki. Whether that happened or not I do not know but it makes sense that experts in different areas of knitting could share their knowledge in one location, linking to more information.

As I trudged through the assignment and created my own wiki  I began thinking about how I could use this in my job. With PBIS being a big buzz in education now, I think me and my colleagues could benefit from having a wiki where we could access and review the different aspects of PBIS.

In trying to think of ways a second grade student may use a wiki, I began thinking about their upcoming animal reports. We could create a class zoo wiki. The students could work in teams. Each animal could have a page and the students could add to each page. While some of the maneuvering could be challenging for some students, since they would be working as a team all students would be able to contribute in even a small manner of finding pictures and adding them to the page.

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