Sunday, April 26, 2015

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Top Technologies That Will Make a Difference in Education 

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6440 Educational Technology Trends

 Rushton Hurley Creativity and Inspiration 

  Key trends highlighted in the report include:
§  Over one-third of elementary teachers (35 percent) and 1 of 5 middle school teachers (21 percent) report regular usage of digital games within their classroom. 
§  These game-using teachers see the primary benefit of digital games as increased student engagement in learning (88 percent); 72 percent of digital principals agree. 
§  Teachers who are using digital games in their classroom have a greater appreciation for the overall impact of technology on student outcomes and teacher effectiveness. 
§  60 percent of school principals say that having enough computers or devices with Internet access is a major obstacle to the greater adoption of digital content in their schools.
§  Both teachers and school principals share a common set of determinants for evaluating the quality of digital content.

Alan November: A Look at Student Learning and Our Future