Thursday, February 13, 2014

Week 6

Assume that you are trying to teach learners how to calculate and compare the unit costs of various sizes and/or brands of the same product. Select 3 of the theories, describe the nature of the instructional activities that you would design if you were adhering to that theory as you were planning the instruction.
Behavioral Learning Theory
The objective in my lesson is to have students practice their new skill of calculating price per ounce. The students will use an online game in which their goal is to get the best price for the items on a shopping list. As students shop in the store and place their items into their shopping cart either the item will drop through the cart and a buzzer will sound indicating they picked the wrong brand or a cha-ching sound will be heard and the item will stay in the cart. To make sure the students didn’t just guess during their shopping trip, the students will have to submit their price per ounce per item at the check-out.
By having a response to the correct and incorrect answers, the students will receive immediate feedback to reinforce their work. By adding the end component of having to submit their price per ounce per item, hopefully it will deter students from just dropping items into their carts and guessing.
Situated Learning Theory
The objective in the lesson is for students to practice their new skill of calculating price per ounce. Students will take on the role of the purchasing manager for the local food bank in a computer simulated game. They will receive a budget, shopping lists, and 5 stores to purchase the items on their shopping lists. Their goal is to come in at or under budget.
Schema Theory and Cognitive Load

Students will receive instruction on how to figure out price per ounce using an online tutorial showing step by step how the calculation is performed. A narration will follow an animated graphic for solving the equations. As the tutorial progresses the student will have opportunities to interact and practice the steps in a gradual process and progress to just the presentation of the problem.


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