Thursday, February 27, 2014

Week 8 Part 1

What are, in your mind, two unique or interesting or different or noteworthy ways Instructional Design/Technology has been used in business & industry that you believe could be usefully applied to your own professional work? Explain.

In business and industry, instructional Design/Technology has had to be more aware of the changing social culture factors that prevail in our country. Like business, care should be taken when designing technology in education that will not offend groups of people, but also to try to incorporate things that will make people from different cultures feel more at ease. In education idea of culture must be expanded to include poverty. Just as an environmental analysis may be done to remove cultural elements and localize the instruction, students deserve the same consideration in order to more accurately assess a given task.

Another way instructional design/technology used in business that could have a place in education is with advanced evaluation techniques. By using this evaluation method incorporating stories, teachers could get valuable feedback and evidence that the training they received is making a difference. This model fits right in with the data driven systems that are in place in education these days. 

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