Friday, July 11, 2014

Assignment #3

1. Low resolution, high resolution

4608 x 3072

2304 x 1536

2. Same object, different shutter speeds

1/30; f/11

1/10; f/11
3. Different shutter speeds of object in motion


4. Foreground standout, all in focus
1/10; f/9

1/10; f/5

5. Zoom of lighted object at night
Holding as steady as possible

Propped the camera on a table turned on its end due to missing tripod. 

6.Sharp, sharp/not sharp
f5.6/; 1/30

1/60; f/11

7. Convey motion 

8s; f4.8
8. Moving objects, one at night, one in light
1/100; f/5

Extra Credit
1. Mistake: Using my dogs as subjects. In trying to take two pictures of the same object my dogs kept leaving their post when my husband walked in carrying the chicken he had just grilled.
What? CHICKEN!!!!

2. In trying to convey motion I started out with a super slow shutter speed and intentionally moved. If you look hard you can tell that Lela is a Golden Retriever.
1/3; f/13

3. Practice writing words. Brenda was trying to spell love and ended up with hell. 

4. I struggle with finding the right balance of aperture and shutter speed.  

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