Friday, July 18, 2014

Assignment #4

4-1 Black and White
Being that I took a picture of a black and white item (I wanted high contrast) I think my focus in regards to shades of gray should be the keys. They are not stark white. If you look at the light hitting the keys to the right you can see brighter areas. Also, The reflection in the piano has details where gray needs to be attended too. Yes, that is a second piano in my living room. 

4-2 Bracketing

I like this picture because it has a warm quality.

4-3 Back lighting

4-4 High Contrast
The first two pictures show high contrast and evening it out so all is visible. I have added the third picture because it frames the focal point but you can still see texture in the tunnel walls enhancing the composition. Plus it makes the for a more pleasing picture not seeing the patch jobs on the tunnel.
1/60; f6.3
1/60; f4.5 flash
1/10; f6.3
4-5 Exposure Compensation





4-6 Lighting (incandescent, daylight, florescent)

4-7 Sunset
I played with the exposure time to finally get this picture. I like the way the clouds create a watercolor effect to contrast the sharp green of the fields. 

4-8 Moon 
This moon shot was taken using a little table and a boogie board to prop up my camera. I also used the suggestion from a classmate to use the timer. 

4-9 Night shot without flash
Will submit later

Extra Shots

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